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Your experience at Elements Hair Studio should transcend aesthetics, it should be transformational.

Your hair is like a visual diary of your personal evolution. It adapts and transforms with you, mirroring the changes in your life and identity. Whether you're going for a low-maintenance style or experimenting with something new to mark a fresh chapter, your hairstyle is a vital part of  your ongoing transformation.
It's not just hair; it's a tangible testament to the beautiful, ever-changing narrative of you.

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Meet the chief stylist.

Kim has been in the business for over 25 years, she prides herself on constantly updating her creative skills through on going education and on finding unique and healthier ways of providing color and hair care products.

Hair Washing

We believe in lifelong education.

Kim believes in this business as in life we should never stop learning. That is why she always is on top of the newest trends and uses cutting edge techniques.

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